March Newsletter

After a great weekend of singing, I find myself at the computer uplifted and encouraged!!  Thanks to all of those this past month for having us over!  It has really been a blessing for us and God gets the glory!!

We ask prayers on behalf of Miss. Bailey Grace.  Rachel says that she believes Bailey has an ear infection and is NOT a happy camper!!  She is a tough little girl though and she’ll be just fine soon enough…we hope!

Crystal is feeling much better as well.  Everything is still on schedule and our due date is September 8th.  In a couple of weeks, we’ll find out what we’re having….so pray for me!!  We’ll announce that in the April newsletter.

We have finished up about 70% of the 2nd CD and are going to go ahead and start our 3rd.  Once we touch up a couple of things (which I plan to finish this week…fingers crossed) the 2nd one should be ready to go.  It will take about 6 to 8 weeks for the printers, so – I’M HOPING for a early Summer release!!  Right now, I can tell you that the requested “Brighter Day”, “In His Hands” & “The Man in the Middle” will be on the CD.  As for the rest of the CD – you’ll just have to wait a little longer…

We hope to be getting some pictures made real soon for the album cover and other needs so we’re real excited about that!!

We also ask that you be in prayer for our dear friends of the band Bama Blu-Grace.  This past week, someone took off with their equipment trailer that had everything in it with the exception of their instruments.  They are hurt by it, but are strong Christian men and women who believe that God will be uplifted during this time.  They have also asked for prayers for the ones who took their equipment. 

Well, that’s it for now.  We’ll see you in about 2 week for the April Newsletter. We love you all!!

In Christ,

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