January, February and Early March Newsletter!

I feel like I owe you at least that much!!  Sorry for the long delay in getting you some news out, however, we’ve just figured out the way to get it back going again – and we’ve got a lot to talk about – so let’s go!!

Let’s start with Miss Bailey Grace!!  She’s doing great!!  Rachel says that she sure has her hands full right now as Bailey Grace has started turning over and is biting everything!!  I believe I heard them say that she now has 2 teeth!!

Bailey Grace won’t be alone soon as I am so excited to tell you all (if you didn’t know already) that Crystal and I are expecting our first child in early September!!  We are so happy with the blessings God has given us!!  Crystal is doing fine – a little excited – but fine!!  I’m ok too!!

Well – it’ won’t be long now!! All of the musical tracks have been laid down and it’s all downhill from here!  We are getting ready to put the vocals down real soon and are looking for a late spring release.  Now, that being said, you all know what happens when I throw out a date – so PLEASE don’t hold me to that!!  I will say this – 2011 won’t be here before the 2nd CD is out.

Don’t forget to drop us a letter or email!!

Until next time!

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