A New Newsletter…Guess What That Means?

Welcome back! This will probably be a long one because there’s so much to talk about. So, go grab a cup of coffee. We’ll wait…

It’s been a very long time since our last newsletter, however I made a vow that I wouldn’t do another until our CD was finally out and ready to go – I just never thought it would be THIS long! But I’m back, so guess what?? It’s finally here! We are so happy to announce the blessing that is our latest CD – In His Hands. We have fought some uphill battles to get it out. The girls and I each had a time of prayer for this CD to be finished because we kept running into trouble. We struggled with scheduling, jobs, babies, computers, recording equipment…which we are all certain that the Devil had his hand in trying to discourage us and keep it from coming out, however we also believe that God has won again! We began to just sit back and let God take over – not us – GOD! EVERYTHING we tried to do to fix it, we kept running into trouble until we put it (this is going to work out nicely) In His Hands! Thank you Lord!! I also need to thank many of our prayer warriors that were out there helping us. I know of some of you – God knows all of you.

Well, I suppose I’ll start with Crystal and myself. We are having a great time raising Sunnie Bella. She is now a year old, walking and getting into everything! She is absolutely the apple of our eye and has US totally wrapped! I will admit, she probably has me wrapped around a couple more fingers than Crystal!! But, that’s ok. I never knew how much fun it was to have your child run up and hug your legs when you come in from work. Bad days turn into good in seconds!

Rachel is doing great as well! Bailey Grace is now 2 and is very much looking forward to being outside and playing! When we have practice sessions, it's usually over at Rachel's home. Bailey Grace and Sunnie really have a great time with each other. And we hardly get any practice done since we’re watching and laughing at them! It’s such a blessing having them around!

Ashley is now in the real world! Haha! She’ll get me for that! In May, she graduated from Itawamba Community College as a Rad Tech. Now, I had to ask what that was and she told me, but it’s too much for me to spell out! So, Rad Tech will do for now – but I do know that it is working the X-Ray machine! So, if you break your arm, come see Ashley at Gilmore Memorial Regional Hospital in Amory! Or better yet, just be careful!!

I suppose that will do it for now. We’ll again be taking December off to be with family, friends, and our church family at Rocky Springs. We will be getting ready for cantatas, Christmas plays and Santa! I hope to be getting a little more involved with updating the news page from now on and will post something again (hopefully) before the end of the year.

As always, you can check us out on Facebook, see if we’re coming to a church near you or send us a letter or email!! Thanks so much for your continued support!

Remember to count your blessings this Thanksgiving!

In Him,

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