Been a while…

Been a while… yes it has! Looking below, it seems a whole year plus has come and gone since our last entry, however we’ve been keeping up with our Facebook page so I’m guessing a newsletter is becoming a thing of the past. You’re right…I’m trying to come up with excuses! We have been quite busy this past year, but not enough for me to take ten minutes to give you a little inside info of the goings on with The Sonlight Singers!! And there are a plenty! So let’s dive in…

First off, we finally got another CD out! This latest one, entitled “Unto Us”, is a Christmas CD. Hard to believe it’s only been out for almost 2 months, so if you’re still in the mood for a little holiday cheer – even though it’s almost February – OR you’re looking to get a head start on this year’s Christmas holidays, we’ll be happy to provide that for you! We had a lot of fun putting this one together. Usually, we take the month of December off for the holiday to spend with our families and our church family, but this year proved different. With this CD out, we found ourselves singing a little more often last month, so we’ve decided to catch up a bit and rest during this month.

And this is good. The Lord gave us this month off because He knew we’d need the rest for other reasons – as all of us have been sick during the month of January to date. If not us, our kids. If not our kids our spouse. If not the spouse, the pet. And then the cycle would repeat. You name it, we’ve had it! Haha! However, as I type this, we are now on the mend – although not 100% – we’re getting there.

We will be working on our next CDs soon – probably next month if I had to guess. We’ve gotten most of the music finished and now it’s just a matter of getting schedules cleared to start on the singing portion. We are really looking forward to getting these done and out! Hope you are just as eager to hear them!

I’m happy to share some more exciting news with you – and I know most of you probably already know this. First, Brad and Ashley were married in April! Now coming up on their first anniversary, they have had wonderful time together and are doing great! Secondly, Crystal and I are expecting our second child – a boy – in May! No…we haven’t gotten a name picked out yet. Haha!! But we will. Guess we have too, huh?

And finally, a quick announcement, since we will be adding a young one to our family – and extended SLS family – we’ve decided to take our maternity leave! We will not be taking any bookings from 4/20 – 5/31. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.

That’s all for now! Come see us when you can!
God bless you and yours,

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