Electronic Press Kit

Pictures for Print

Click on an image below. Once the picture window pops up, you can then download the full resolution image by right clicking and select "Save As" to your hard drive. These large pictures are set at 300 DPI and are for print only. It will help with your download if you wait until each picture is loaded on this page first and then proceed. Please note that for newspapers, the black and white versions work best.

SLS_group_01_FC SLS_group_01_BW
SLS_group_02_FC SLS_group_02_BW

Pictures for Websites

Use the same instructions above to download these pictures to your hard drive. These are for websites only and are set at 72 DPI.



SLS Group Black BG SLS Group Stacked
SLS Group Tree Front SLS Group Tree Middle
SLS Group Woods 01 SLS Group Woods 02
Logo - transparent png file logo on white




Click here to download our EPK


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