April Newsletter

Well, we’ve gotten through another month almost and the temperatures are warming up!!  I suppose summer is just around the corner! I hope everyone made it through the April showers ok – or should I say April storms.  I know there were some counties and families that are still going through a time due to the storms.  Please know that our prayers are with you!

Bailey is doing a little better.  Since the last newsletter, she has gotten better and gotten sick again!  But, to look at her, she’s just as pretty and happy as I’ve ever seen her!

Crystal is doing great as well.  She has started to feel her moving around!!  Did you catch that?? I said “HER”!!  Yep! It’s a girl!!  Crystal and I are excited and are getting her room ready…slowly…but we’re getting there!!  I hear I’m gonna get help from my sisters before too long…at least I hope I’m still gonna get that help!  Crystal and I have decided to name her Sunnie Bella.  We are naming her after my mother, Sunshine. 

Ok – we are in the final stages before sending it to the press!!  We may be doing a pre-order head count for those who are interested.  If so, email us and we’ll let you know when it’s in!!  I’m thrilled that our second project is FINALLY close to complete!  Thank you, Lord!!

Some of you have been asking about our dear friends from Bama Blu-Grace.  They are now back up to speed and have all of their equipment replaced – minus a trailer.  A special thanks goes to the Primitive Quartet who sent them some microphones they are no longer using!

Well, that’s all for now!!  We’ll see ya back here before too long!!

In Christ,

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