Babies Babies Babies!!

Wow!  What an amazing month it has been! The Lord has been blessing us so!  So much to tell you and yet I don’t know where to begin!!  I hope I can remember it all!!

Sunnie Bella has been growing so fast! She is now 9 weeks old and weighing in at 10 lbs…and growing!  She has started sleeping all night – but still has the occasional time where she likes to get up an…well…play…and by play I mean eat!  She’s such a blessing to have around!

Crystal is doing a WONDERFUL job as full time Mom!  She has so many stories to tell when I get home and I can’t wait to hear them all!  It’s great to see how God has led her in this direction and how easily she has taken this role!

Rachel is doing great as well!  She is also busy chasing around Miss Bailey Grace – who is WALKING! Maybe I should say running everywhere she goes.  Bailey Grace seems to be warming up to Sunnie – but I think she is getting ready to mark her place as oldest of the SLS kids!!

Ashley has been busy in her schooling but still finds time to sing with us! What a testimony!  She is such a blessing to us! The Lord is also using her to write more songs!  We’ll be getting them ready for you soon!

Speaking of learning songs, the Sonlight Singers have decided to plan for CD 4!  Yes…I know… “Where’s 2 & 3?!!”  Well, they all have to go through a planning stage!  We’ve sought out local talent for original songs and have gotten quite a few demos! However, we’re still on the lookout for more! Please mail us your demo at our address.  Please include CD, contact info and lyrics.


As I was going through checking to see what all had been lost after the crash, I noticed that some of the recordings were gone.  Thankfully, they were mine and Crystal’s.  So, that shouldn’t be hard to recreate. Please pray for us that the Devil will be off limits for the remainder of this project and that we can share this with you very soon! I’m so sorry it has taken so long!

We’re proud to announce 2 OTHER births in our family!  Ashley’s sister, Brandi gave birth to a bouncing baby boy in September – Elijah James Thorne.  And, Crystal & Rachel’s sister Amanda gave birth to a sweet baby girl in October – Morgan Ruth Mitchell.  All families are doing great!  Thank you Lord for your blessings!

So, as you can see, we’ve been busy for the past couple of months!  We’re wrapping up the year this month and will have very few dates in December. Check out our schedule for more details.

Don't forget about our special Revival that will be held November 21-23 at Rocky Springs Baptist Church in Amory (our home church). Brother Terry Paul Graham will lead the services. We'll be singing Saturday night on the 20th and will have special guests to sing each night! Come for a blessing!!

Thanks again for checking in with us! We love you all!

God bless,

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