I come with a heavy heart to this newsletter, but a joyous one as well.  As most of you know, we have decided to take a ministry of going to Riverplace Nursing Home once a month on the first Saturday of the month. This is something we really look forward to each month and will continue to do so as long as the Lord sees fit.  Since we’ve been going there – about 2 years or so – we have gotten to know and have become close to several of the residents.   One in particular has always been there and we would spend some extra time with her at the close of our singing.  She adopted us as her grandchildren and we took her as our “Granny.”  On June 13, 2010 around noon, our Granny – Ms. Willie Causie – went home to be with the Lord.  Every time we would see her, she always said she was ready to see Jesus and was thankful for the life He blessed her with.  We thank Him for her life, her example & friendship we shared with her.  Granny, we love and miss you dearly. We will see you again!

Rachel is doing a LOT better and has started singing with us again.  Thank you for your continued prayers. Bailey Grace is doing great too!  I forgot to get pictures up, but will try to get some up this week!

Ashley has once again started her clinical work at the IMA Clinic in Tupelo. She is still enjoying it!!  We hope you won’t have to see her anytime soon – but she will be happy to help you out! (In case you didn’t know, Ashley is working to be a X-Ray Technician)

Crystal is doing great!  The pregnancy is right on schedule and we have gotten great reports each time we go to the doctor.  It’s hard to believe that in 10 ½ weeks, Sunnie Bella will be here.  Thanks again for your continued prayers!!

I’d like to quickly tell you about a special opportunity we’ve been blessed to be a part of.  Members of the Shema Music Competition in Fayette, Alabama called and asked us to participate in a unique “contest.”  We were a little stand offish at first because we do not want to seem as we are competing against other ministries.  We decided to become a part of this contest because the winning prize – of $2500 – will be given to the winning group’s charity of choice.  This is a great concept – a contest that worships the Lord and helps others!  God gets all the glory and EVERYONE is a winner of blessings! Our singing time was today and we were part of 4 groups that made it to the semi-finals.

Our 2nd CD is being mastered!  As soon as those get back to us – it’s off to the printers and out to you!!  So…yeah…I guess the “early summer” date is not going to make it.  I told you so!!  Some of the waiting has not been entirely my fault though!  We’ve also been awaiting approval from BMI to get Ashley’s song “In His Hands” copyrighted & registered.  That approval has come in and will be title track for this project. We’re so excited for this long awaited CD!  Work on our 3rd CD has begun!  This will be the one with all of the hymns.  I’m not EVEN going to put a date on this one!!

Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and our upcoming schedule. 

I’m sure you’ve noticed our good friend’s – Bama Blu-Grace – schedule.  If you can make it to one of their shows, you will be blessed!!

We love you all!  Come see us soon!

In Christ,

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